The Performance-Monitor for

medical institutions

Staff shortages, increasing patient numbers and a multitude of new techniques and treatment methods confront medical institutions with major challenges every day. In order to cope with these challenges and at the same time ensure high-quality patient care, continuous quality and process monitoring is necessary. 

We want to support physicians and surgery managers with structured data and objective analyses to use the limited resources efficiently, to optimize processes and to improve the quality of treatment for the patient.

The performance monitor includes 3 Modules:

Secure and simple recording of treatment data


  • Provision and management of tablets to record data

  • Individual design of data entry forms

  • Training and permantend support of the medical practice staff while working with the EyeQ App

  • Constant monitoring of incoming data


Provision of the prepared data in reports


  • Online access to reports with various analyses, dashboards, filter functions and customization options

  • Initial presentation and application training

  • Continuous further development of the analyses


Proactive alerting of any irregularities


  • Definition of individual alarm triggers such as serious complications or threshold values

  • Automatic sending of alarm emails in real-time

  • Use of artificial intelligence to detect irregularities in case data